Friday, March 12, 2010

DJ gets a hair cut!

So, on Wednesday the Mr. and I purchased some hair clippers so we can start cutting DJ's (and before you know it Eli's) hair ourselves. Previously this has mostly been done by the Mr.'s mom when she comes to visit (though I did wield scissors on a couple of occasions when DJ was younger). DJ has a good amount of hair and has already had many haircuts in his two and a half years of life. Well, on Thursday his hair was getting crazy long (that boy has a mess of hair just like his Daddy, though the color is mine) so I decided to take those clippers in hand and tame his locks. I sat him on a chair in the living room and turned on his favorite movie (Cars) to distract him. It didn't really work because he was a little afraid of the clippers (he kept saying "They hurt me! They hurt me!" even though I had not cut any hair yet). The Mr. ended up holding him on his lap and even took over the hair cut when it was clear I had no idea how to use clippers (in my defense, I'm a girl and have never had my hair cut with clippers). I think it turned out pretty good...

P.S. Isn't he just so handsome?

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