Friday, March 19, 2010

Poor Little Eli

So, I just wanted to post today to let everyone know what has been going on with our family this week, in particular our little Eli...

Towards the end of last week Eli started showing signs of a cold, the first time he has been sick since he was born. By the end of the weekend it had escalated to a bad cold and chest wheezing. So, on Monday I took him in to see his pediatrician. The pediatrician looked him over and said he definetely had a cold but that for the time being we just needed to let it run its course. He said that there were three different viruses going around and that a lot of kids were sick. He also told me to keep an eye on him, and to contact his office if his condition worsened. He said he knew how stressful and scary it can be to have a sick baby and that I could bring Eli in everyday to see him if I wanted (I have a great Pediatrician!).

Then his condition worsened. He was awake all Monday night and was just sitting there moaning, very unusual behavior for our little guy. So, Tuesday we went to the doctor's office again and he sent us over to the hospital for observation. By the end of the day he had been admitted to the hospital and was receiving fluids (he did not nurse all day Tuesday) and medicine through an I.V. The poor little guy had to have the I.V. in his scalp too. During Wednesday his condition worsened further and he received the diagnosis of RSV and the early stages of pneumonia. Luckily we caught it early on so he never had to be put on oxygen and there was no talk of the ICU. By Thursday he was eating a little better (though not nearly as much as usual) and was starting to smile and coo again, so we were sent home.

Eli seems happy at home now and the Mr. and I are making sure he is getting his medicines and breathing treatments. The doctor had him come in for a check and an antibiotic shot today and we will go back tomorrow (my pediatrician is on top of things!). Eli even rolled over today (something he stopped doing while he was in the hospital) so that is a sign that he is on the mend. He is sleeping a lot and we are cleaning and disinfecting everything. The doctor said RSV is highly contagious and can survive on surfaces for several hours and that he could get sick again. He also said we should keep him home for the next two or three weeks until he is all better. We are trying our best to keep DJ at a distance so he does not get sick as well, but it is hard since he loves his little brother so much.

Well, that is all for now. Hopefully I will soon have some happy healthy pictures of our little boy to post. Please keep our family in your prayers.


  1. I am so glad to hear Elijah is home. How scary. We will continue to pray for his recovery. Thanks for the update.

    Take care,
    Heather, Tim, and Kiana

  2. What is RSV? Yikes. I'm glad you have a good relationship with your pediatrician. My kiddo doesn't currently have a dr and hasn't been to one since she was 9 months since it was such a pain in the rear.