Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glass Incident

This afternoon I was putting DJ down for a nap when he asked for a glass of water (a normal nap time occurrence). So I gave him a glass of water and he drank it. He then proceeded to smash the cup against his dresser, which then broke into about a million microscopic pieces. Luckily I only freaked out for a minute before I thought to scoop him up and deposit him in Eli's crib (where he couldn't get cut). I then spent the next hour picking up all the pieces I could see, vacuuming the entire room (which took me a while since I had to move all the furniture around to make sure no glass was left behind), and changing the bedding on both Eli and DJ's beds (yes, he managed to get tiny glass shards in the bedding on both beds). So now, over one hour, one screaming baby and one naughty toddler later, the glass has been cleaned up and DJ is finally laying in his bed (though not sleeping) and Eli is at least no longer crying (though also not sleeping). Also I am so thankful that Eli was not in the room when the glass flew everywhere and also thankful that no shards hurt DJ (though I did cut my foot). I'd like to say that DJ learned his lesson and won't do anything like that ever again, however I have my doubts considering that he spent the entire time I was cleaning up smiling and giggling in his bed over the incident. I can at least say that I've learned a valuable lesson about never giving him anything but plastic cups in the future. Well, I guess its time for me to finally go have some lunch and take a minute for myself (if Eli will let me).

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  1. A mom's life goes 0-60 in one second, doesn't it?