Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello out there in blog world!

I realized today that not only have I not blogged in some time, but I also still had a St. Patrick's Day background... So, I offer this post as well as a new Mother's Day themed background.

Our little family is doing well. Eli has recovered beautifully and is so busy rolling, talking and scooting around the room. He is a definite stomach sleeper like me and also DJ. I always put him in bed on his back but he wastes no time rolling right over. Then the other day he said "Mama" all day long! I'm not sure if he associates the word with me yet, but I told everyone he does = ) The Mr. spent that evening trying to get him to say "Dada" but with no luck = ( He also loves to lay on his stomach on the floor and use his arms and legs to sort of belly crawl around the room. He loves to wait until I walk out of the room for a minute and make his way to the T.V. stand so he can try to chew the cords. I now have to place something there to block his way. He is also eating solids now. Today he ate peas and applesauce and seemed to really enjoy both. Oh, and tonight when he was on the floor he pulled himself up on his legs and hands in a crawling position and rocked back and forth. He just has to figure out how to move when he's in that position and he'll really be crawling! He is also doing this cute thing when he is in his bed where he grabs onto the side and pulls himself into a kneeling position and then looks around the room. I will have to take a picture of him doing this because it is soooo cute! Overall he is a very happy and adorable baby.

DJ is doing well too and is such a busy little boy! He is starting to show some interest in the potty and has just recently started sleeping in a "big boy bed." He is such a chatter box and will repeat everything we say, which is both good and bad. Not that we curse or anything, we just have to be more careful about what we say around him. He also LOVES music! He pretends everything is an instrument (his favorite is the guitar) and he loves to sing at the top of his lungs! He says things like "I'm rocking out Mommy!" So cute!!!

The Mr. and I are doing well too. The boys are keeping me busy and I am making plans to go back to school (at least part time) in the Fall. The Mr. is still busy with school and was chosen to be a graduate assistant starting this term and continuing for a year. We are super excited because not only is it great experience, but it also pays all his tuition!

Anyway, I better get to bed. I will post some pictures soon. Good Night!

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