Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sundays are Sweet (sometimes)

So I have officially decided...

Sacrament Meeting + Two Busy Boys = Chaos and Me Not Hearing a Word

I don't know why my boys were so crazy in church today, but they were. Maybe it was that super sugar-charged cereal we feed them for breakfast or the Mountain Dew in their sippy cups...? (totally kidding, though they acted like this was the case). Eli just wanted to be on the move and refused to sit still and DJ cried and clung to us when we tried to drop him off at nursery (which he usually loves). The whole three hours felt chaotic and stressful to me but at the same time I was still glad that I was there. I know its important to get my family dressed, out the door and into church each week even if sometimes I feel I would have been better off staying in bed = )

On another note... Yesterday the Mr., me and the boys went on an outing to a local children's science museum and it was a lot of fun! We packed the kids into the double stroller and walked too, which was nice. It was a little over cast and windy but luckily it didn't rain. The museum had a "Hot Wheels" theme going on for the weekend, which is awesome because DJ loves cars! He had a lot of fun building ramps and jumps with Daddy and then collecting hot wheels and taking them for a ride. He also had a lot of fun playing in the five and under room (they have a pirate ship, what more can I say?) and Eli loved crawling around in the little baby play area. We didn't get any pictures, because we forgot to take the camera along (I am always doing this), however we created some fun memories that we will keep with us for quite some time.

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