Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Thought for Today

I love the way my son can carry on long conversations with inadamant objects. That's right, he doesn't just talk to objects the way a child might talk to his favorite lovey, he asks them questions and fully expects them to answer back. Since inadamant objects rarely answer back on their own, the Mr. and I try to help things along by giving them a voice for DJ to talk to. It is funny to watch these conversations as well because DJ will get down close to the object and look at it intently as though he is hanging on its every word. Not once will he look at or acknowledge the person who is voicing the object. He will direct all of his comments and gestures at the object and will even show it things, never once looking at the real person speaking.

Exhibit one: Today when I took the boys on a walk to the park DJ was riding alongside on his tractor toy having a conversation with the stroller the whole way.

DJ: "How are you doing today?"

Stroller: "Good. How are you?"

DJ: "Oh, just fine."

He rode his tractor up by the front of the stroller, looked at the front of the stroller when he spoke, and showed the front of the stroller things he found on the ground along the way. They talked about the weather, the flowers, and life. And the stroller even paused briefly so that it could watch him collecting pine cones. I found myself smiling and laughing at the whole scene, as well as congratulating myself for raising such and imaginative child...until the walk home.

On the way home DJ was a little too busy and had trouble following my directions regarding staying next to me on the bike path. So, I placed him in the extra stroller seat. After pleading with me to let him walk and receiving my stern answer that he had to stay in the stroller, he decided to direct his pleas at the stroller instead.

Halfway home I had parked the stroller in the shade of a tree and was resting a few feet away (Eli was asleep) when I heard this...

DJ: "Please stroller, let me out! Let me out stroller!"

Stroller: Silence

When that didn't work he changed his plea...

DJ: "Go stroller! Lets go! Move stroller! Go!"

Stroller: Silence

The stroller didn't speak again for the rest of the outing. But I was left with one question:

Does he understand that the stroller does not actually talk?

And furthermore, should I be more concerned with that or the fact that he was so ready to abandon me and take off with Eli and the stroller on his own?

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  1. hahahaah! i CAN'T WAIT til B does this! and he so better because it's hilarious!