Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home sick and my "NO!" dilemma

Today I am sick.

As a result my boys have been cooped up in the house ALL DAY and have actually been surprisingly well behaved considering.

I suffered a mild disappointment today as well in the form of my bosom friend who lives several hours away and who had planned to stop by and visit with me before a planned family trip to the temple. She called this morning to tell me that their large family had gotten a late start and would not have time to come (I am located slightly out of the way and it would have made them late for their appointment). And though I miss her terribly I'm sure it was for the best, especially considering how awful I feel right now. I would have hated to get anyone sick. Besides, the dear Mr. did cheer me up by calling on his way home from work to ask if I needed anything at the store (how sweet!). I told him no but can now think of several things I would love (frozen yogurt sounds so good on my dry sore throat) so I may beg ask him to go out for me later.

On another note, I have a question...

Do you ever feel like you are telling your children "No!" ALL DAY LONG?

I do.

My boys are almost four and almost two and I feel like the word "no" or some form of it is always crossing my lips. I have things child proofed and all that jazz but small children are just so mischievous (especially my little boys).

How do you as a parent focus on the positive instead of all the No's?

Really, I need suggestions...


  1. we were so bummed we couldn't stop by and see you guys last week! seriously, Helen is STILL crying over it;) feel better!!

  2. I try to do the phrase __ is not for __ instead of saying No. For example, "Mommy is not for hitting" or "paper is not for eating. You draw on paper." I try to redirect him to something else. So if he's biting me I'll give him something he can bite on like a teether after I explain.
    Not sure if that helps. Good luck!