Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The secret's in the scones...

Growing up I can remember that my dad loved to make me and my siblings scones for breakfast on Saturday mornings. They were heavenly! We would eat them smothered in butter, jam and honey. So good! Then I grew up, moved away from home and kind of forgot about this family tradition. Then while perusing a bakery with the Mr. one day I noticed a box of goodies labeled "scones." I peeked inside and was surprised to see something very different then the scones I knew and I thought to myself, "how can a bakery not even know what scones are?" I laughed about this and then related the story to the Mr. as well as the fond memory of my father making scones. He then informed me that while he enjoyed my story he was disappointed to tell me that what the bakery had were indeed scones and that what my dad made must have been something else. I didn't believe him (typical wife behavior...at least for me), however after doing a quick internet search for scone recipes I discovered that he was right (don't you hate that?) and that what my dad had always called "scones" were not really scones at all. This was followed by an internet search for the real name of what my dad made, which was then followed by disappointment when I could find nothing. I eventually moved on and again this memory was forgotten as the business of life moved forward. Then one day, just a few months ago, I started learning how to make my own bread and discovered from a friend that you can fry the bread dough to make a yummy treat. I decided to try it one baking day and was pleasantly surprised to find the yummy Saturday morning breakfast I remembered! To think all this time that all it was was fried bread! Crazy! So now I plan to start making this delicious concoction for my own family on a more regular basis. Hooray for traditions!

P.S. On a related note I did find a recipe for actual scones which I made today for my children and which were very well received (which is saying a lot as I think I pretty much have one of the pickiest kids on the planet living in my house). So, if you're interested here is a link to the Recipe.

Happy Tuesday!

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