Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy with me

This morning I read the most AMAZING post over at Momastery. I came across this blog a while back when a friend posted a link to it on facebook. I stopped by to check it out and it seemed interesting so I added it to my blog list and then promptly forgot about it. Then this morning I randomly felt inspired to check it out and I am SO GLAD I did! I must say that I have now fallen in love with this blog and all it took were two posts that went straight to my heart and soul. You can read those two posts here and here.

It was as if Glennon opened up my heart and put into words all of the feelings I could not articulate about myself, the way I feel everyday and about depression. It has helped me to recognize that its ok for me to be the emotional, intense, needy, worrier that I am because its me and because along with that comes so much intense crazy goodness too! It has also helped me to recognize the difference between the intense way in which I normally feel the ups and downs of life and the times when I have suffered from the ", heavy, murky fog" of depression, and has inspired me to find my own "tricks" to cope with my lows. I am so thankful to find I am not alone.

Thank you Momastery!

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