Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh the kindness of strangers!

So many posts, so little time!

I wanted to take a moment to express just how much the kindness of a stranger can make someones day (my day to be specific)! On Friday I got up bright and early to drive my husband to work. We share a car and I had errands to run that day so we loaded up the boys and headed out. I got the Mr. to work safe and sound and then headed over to the office of the management company we rent from because our dishwasher was not working and I needed to fill out a work order.

P.S. Having your dishwasher stop working immediately after you have dumped the five tons of fish and potatoes from your children's plates, which they refused to eat, really stinks! Literally.

Then suddenly the car's battery light starts flashing. I have no idea why this is happening and what I can do about it. I think, "Hey the car is running right now so the battery's not going to die, right?. I'll just get us home and then stop by some where later and have the battery checked." Makes sense, right? Well, I was wrong. A few minutes later all of the lights on the dashboard go out, then an airbag light comes on (I was so afraid an airbag was going to pop up in my face). I then stop at a light and the car stops running! I am sitting in the middle of a lane, downtown, with a now green light and a truck behind me. I try, unsuccessfully, to revive the car. I then get out of the car and wave the guy behind me around because my hazard lights won't even come on. I then proceed to FREAK out because I know NOTHING about cars, my kids are in their PJ's and asking for breakfast and I am in the MIDDLE OF A LANE at a busy intersection and there is a green light.

I finally calm down enough to start attempting to develop a plan of action. I think, “Maybe I can put the car in drive and let it roll through the intersection at the next green light and to the side of the street over there.” I was facing slightly downhill and was hoping there was enough of a slant to allow the car to roll through, though at the same time I am picturing the car getting to the middle of the intersection and then stopping and not being able to push it the rest of the way. Wouldn't that just be aweful? Anyway, I am sitting there, crippled by indecision with my boys in the backseat asking if I have any granola bars in my purse (can you believe it was like the ONLY time I had left the house without any snacks or diapers?) when a man jogging past sees my distress and asks if I need any help. Que heavenly music. I quickly tell him what's happened and quick as a blink he tells me to put the car in neutral, get in and shut the door. He then waits for a green light and then pushes us and our car across the intersection and to the side of the road. Then he made sure I had a phone and someone to call before he continued his jog. Mystery man, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you put your own busy life aside for those few minutes to help me.

And the kindness didn't stop there. The tow truck driver who came to haul us to a shop was friendly and patient while I unloaded my kids and their car seats from my car and into his and again when I unloaded them at our destination. The guys at the shop were friendly and helpful too and a woman who worked there was also nice enough to not only drive me and the boys home, but she helped me buckle and unbuckle the kids and the car seats too and carried one of them to the porch for me when we got there!

The shop took a look and determined the problem (the alternator) and had it all fixed by the end of the day. My husband got a lift home from work and my friend took me by the shop the next morning to pick up the car.

So, what had the potential to be an epically horrendus day turned out to be almost easy breezy thanks to so much love and help from strangers. Thanks everyone!

And now a challenge, take a moment from your busy day to help someone. It could be something as simple as a smile. Let me know how it goes. I promise I will too.

P.S. No fear, the dishwasher got fixed too. A measuring spoon was lodged in the gears, my bad.

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