Sunday, September 29, 2013

DJ Play's Soccer

In the spring DJ played kinder soccer. He loved it! He had actually played for the first time the previous fall and when we asked him if he wanted to play a sport in the spring he requested soccer again. Kinder soccer just meets once a week for an hour on Saturday mornings over the course of about eight weeks. The first 30 minutes they spend practicing with their team and the last 30 they spend playing against another team. I love kinder soccer because it is super low key and easy going. No one keeps score and there are no referees or goalies, just the kids, the ball, the coaches (which are all volunteers) and the parents cheering of course. DJ started out in the fall feeling a little timid, but by the end he was very comfortable on the field. We weren't sure if he would start out timid again in the spring, however he was able to start out with the same level of confidence he had ended the previous season with. His coach even came up to us afterwards one day and praised DJ for his willingness to stay on the field (there were a couple of kids on his team who would either refuse to go out on the field at all or would give up after a short time) and the fact that he always does his best with lots of enthusiasm. We love you DJ!
DJ takes the field.

He loves his water!

Eli wanted a picture too.

DJ chats with his coach.

I loved the way they would all huddle near the goal and wait when the ball would get caught in the net.

And soccer always ends with a snack!

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