Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Moved! (A.K.A. Eli Get's Sick)

I'm still trying to catch up on our families happenings for this year, so forgive me if I'm still a little behind. I wanted to post briefly about our move, which happened in April. We moved for The Mr.'s work and though I was reluctant to leave our previous home, mainly because I had made some really great friends, I'm glad we did! I still miss my friends a ton but we are in a better place for our family here. The move itself was a little crazy. I reserved the truck for us and I guess I am a bad judge of size because it was too small! I think I got a 16 foot truck and we probably needed a 24 footer. Luckily The Mr.'s parents drove over for the weekend to help us out so we had three cars we were able to fill with all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in the truck. Unfortunately during the drive The Mr's mom was behind a truck that lost a wheelbarrow on the freeway and it smacked into the front side of her car. No one was hurt but there was cosmetic damage as well as a flat tire. But in the end everything worked out and we got to our new home safely!

On another unfortunate note, Eli got very sick about a week after the move and had to be hospitalized for pneumonia. He had to have an IV (which he hated) and lots of unpleasant medications. Luckily he was sent to an awesome children's hospital and I was able to stay by his side for the whole three days he was there. And of course now he is better!

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